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Theme Hospital Clinic: Links

"One of your patients is leaving without paying."

Other sites of interest

That's for wanting to leave...

There are links here to other sites that have material on or about Theme Hospital. Enjoy!

I'm always looking to expand this list. If you know of web sites about Theme Hospital you think should be here, then e-mail me.


Download demo (12Mb)

The link died recently, so I found another one at the Electronic Arts site. The game is still on sale here in the UK as a budget title, so the demo is still available.

Try looking at FTPsearch for if you need a more local mirror site (ignore the Doom levels it finds too).

Pregnant patients modification

Enables pregnant patients in all single player levels that have an operating theatre. Works with both the unpatched and patched version of Theme Hospital.

There are no fancy graphics to go with this, but you do get an extra kind of patient to fleece. As far as I'm aware, this condition isn't contagious.

Other sites


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