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Theme Hospital Clinic: Cheats

"The hospital administrator is cheating!"


Unhappy, wet, and cold

For those of you who want the quick fix, here are the cheat codes that get you nearer the end of a level. They are no substitute for the complete course of medication, and they might even cause complications later on.

Addiction. Cheat abuse. Resistance to proven medication. Excessive therapy bills.

You have been warned.

  • The cheat disease
  • Playstation cheats
  • The cheat disease

    In game codes

    All of the in a game cheat codes revolve around the fax machine. To get to the fax machine you have to click on one of the message icons that appear on the bottom left corner of the screen. These icons show information about a new disease, or when a VIP asks to visit, for example. You need to enter the code here, and then press the green transmit button.

    24328 Enables all the in game cheat keys. Press the following for:
    CTRL-SHIFT-C All items become available.
    CTRL-C Complete all research.
    SHIFT-C Add $10,000 to your finances.
    CTRL-M Move to end of month (new staff generated)
    CTRL-Y Move to end of year (end of year bonus)
    7287 Go to a rat shoot bonus level when you have completed the current level.

    Command line level selection

    The executable accepts a command line switch that allows you to jump to a particular level:

    hospital.exe -Lxx

    where xx is the level number.

    Several people have e-mailed me asking how to do this in Win95. Not everyone grew up on DOS based command lines (as I did), and don't know how much of this is still going on under the bonnet of Win95/98.

    So here's how:

    The easiest way to jump to a particular level is to press the Start button, then select Run... from the menu. Locate the Theme Hospital executable with the Browse... button (try looking in the directory C:\Program Files\Bullfrog\Hospital where it's placed by default).

    When the browse dialog has closed you should have a dialog box with something like this in it:

    "C:\Program Files\Bullfrog\Hospital\Hospital.exe"

    now just add the -Lxx to jump to level xx:

    "C:\Program Files\Bullfrog\Hospital\Hospital.exe" -L08

    jumps to level 8 for example, and then click the OK button.

    This command line stays in the history list and will be available the next time you want to use the level jump. Note that some utilities like Microsoft PowerToys can be used to wipe this list on startup.

    Rubbish, rat holes, and vomit

    Having problems with too many rat holes, piles of rubbish, or sick in your hospital?

    Just pick up an object like a seat and drop it on the rubbish or sick, or put it up against the wall with the rat hole. Hey presto, all gone.

    Rat holes can appear behind objects in corridors, such as chairs and drinks machines, but never in rooms.

    Getting rid of epidemics

    Annoyed by all those epidemics you're getting?

    One trick that sometimes works is saving your game (use quicksave) before pressing the epidemic fax message icon (black cross on red background). On reloading the game the icon is still there, but will often just disappear when clicked on.

    Time on your side - level 1

    This tip in from M!ke, which extends how long you can take to prepare your hospital on the first level:

    I have discovered that on level 1, if you choose 'First Game' from the menu, it goes through every thing step by step. Fine, but we already know what to do. This is the good bit: The So-Called Advisor will tell you that you need a doctor. DO NOT get a doctor or a Nurse until you are happy with the rooms in your hospital. (As soon as a Doctor or Nurse is put into a Hospital, it starts the timer going). This will only work on Level 1. I find this very useful, hope you do to!

    Playstation cheats

    I found these codes at the Cheatland website. I don't have a Playstation to verify them on, so you're on your own with these.



    2X, O, Square, Triangle, Triangle, O, Square, X
    3O, O, Triangle, Square, X, Triangle, O, Triangle
    4Square, Triangle, O, Square, X, X, Triangle, O
    5O, Triangle, Square, O, X, Triangle, O, Square
    6Square, Triangle, Square, O, X, Square, X, O
    7Square, Triangle, Triangle, O, X, Square, Triangle, O
    8X, Triangle, Square, O, Triangle, O, Square, X
    9Triangle, Square, X, Triangle, O, X, Triangle, Square
    10O, Square, X, Triangle, Square, X, O, Square
    11Triangle, O, Square, O, Triangle, Square, O, X
    12O, Square, X, X, Square, O, Square, Triangle