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21:35 22-Jul-2005

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Ian's Theme Hospital Clinic

"Patients are asked not to vomit too much. Thank you!"

Whats new

By popular request I've reworked the pregnant patient modification so you can use it with the patched version of Theme Hospital. You can download the modification from the link page (anxious father not included). Enjoy!



Knit one, pearl two...

This clinic is here to help those who are having problems getting to grips with Bullfrog's excellent Theme Hospital 'simulation'. 

It won't burst your head, cut part of your tongue off, or subject you to high electrical current. Neither will it cure you of baldness... but then not everything in life is perfect. 

However it might just implant some extra ideas into your brain that help you design hospitals that run more smoothly. So get in the queue for surgery, and hope your medical insurance covers the possibility of a full frontal lobotomy!

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    Using this clinic

    Patient diagnosis

    The clinic has several stages of treatment and it is recommended that patients complete the course. No-one is going to check your credit rating or send you a bill for this, so you get what you pay for. I do have a tasty job lot of canned drinks going for $20 each to cover my margins... let me know when you get thirsty. 

    First off there is an introduction to Theme Hospital. First time players and those thinking of buying the game should start there. Then the basics of room usage are discussed, concentrating on the importance of each type of room, where they might be placed, and how best to support them. The more subtle issue of room design is then examined ("Nurse! the plastic gloves please!") so you can help improve your efficiency further. 

    Helping you run the hospital requires more than just good layout, there are lots more things that you need to get right. Staff management will help you decide who to train, pay more or sack. Later levels require you to conduct research to improve your drugs and develop new clinics. There are various emergencies to deal with (including VIP visits!) and some tips are given on how best to handle them. 

    Overall management of your Theme Hospital requires vision. This is more important on the later levels where money, space, and research prevent you from setting up everything at once. A course in having a strategy for your hospital should make life a little easier. For those who want to see these strategies come to life there is a walkthough of a single level. When your vision for the hospital has started to fall apart then there are some remedial steps that can be taken, but only up to a point. There are also some more technically minded specifications that should help you understand the components that make up a hospital. For those who don't want a complete cure to their problems, there is also a cheat page.

    Finally, there are links to other Theme Hospital resources out there on the Web that you might find useful.

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    Your thoughts and comments are welcome, particularly in correcting any factual errors and adding to the strategy section. I look forward to hearing of your successful recovery! 

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