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Last updated:
09:53 04-Feb-2000

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Ian Jefferies
All rights reserved
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HypoThermia's Quake 3 Corner

What's new

20-Feb-2000 Site move!

I've now relocated everything to PlanetQuake/Code3Arena, so come have a look at the work I'm doing there as part of a larger team.

The compiler support is also there as a (revised) two part article, as well as downloadable files for compiler support.

This site isn't going to be updated for the forseeable future.

4-Feb-2000 Nightmare!

I've found and fixed a MAJOR issue that caused the compiled binaries to exhibit unstable behaviour. Because of my ignorance of the function of sv_pure the cgame and qagame DLL's weren't tested when playing a map. They flaked out. The problem has been fixed (data structures need to be aligned on 4-byte boundaries for calls into QUAKE3.EXE). Unfortunately this doesn't fix the sqrt:DOMAIN error I've reported on elsewhere.

If you dropped in expecting to find skins and models for Quake3 then you've found the wrong HypoThermia. You need Steve Lynch's HypoThermia, soon to move to PlanetQuake.

He does excellent stuff, and he's worked hard to get his site to where it is today. I've got zero artistic talent, and there are times when I wish I could draw like that. The artwork at the top of the page is his, has just the right touch of flair don't you think?

Clan HypoThermia might just get off the ground...

I've found a small issue with the Borland project IDE. The file bg_lib.c doesn't need to be included in the binary builds. I've updated the project file to reflect this, so go get the update in the download section.

It is my intent to make this site the focus for all efforts for porting the Quake3 Source for use on compilers other than Microsoft Visual C++.

All of the lessons I learned on the Borland project I've now updated into a full Tutorial. I thought the intent of this site and the lessons learnt were difficult to pull out, so I've made it clearer. I know the audience for this isn't going to be large, but...

On the basis of the announcement of my work on this to date I've been offered a position on a coder development site at PlanetQuake. I'm looking forward to it!

I've just gotten the site started by uploading the files you'll need to develop the Quake 3 source using Borland compiler tools and headers. I've been struggling with this on and off for the past few days, and want to make my work available to the Q3 developer community. Hopefully this will increase the number of people that can produce mods. Also the work I've done here might help others port the Q3 source to their compiler.

The tools are on the download page.

If you produce a specific compiler port of the Q3 source then please give me a reciprocal link to your homepage. I've operated on the principle of "minimum disruption" to the Q3 source distribution itself, making it that much easier to update the source code at a later date.

If you use my work here to build a Q3 mod then please send me a link to your mod homepage as well.