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Welcome to ProgramBar's homepage!

ProgramBar sample screen (7k gif)

ProgramBar is no longer supported, please use as freeware

I'd like to thank everyone who got involved in ProgramBar for making its development a very enjoyable, worthwhile, and rewarding experience. The number of people that registered and gave support financially, or through sending books and postcards, was a pleasant surprise to me. Many more sent in reports of bugs (always greeted with a groan!), as well as many fine ideas, a large number of which made their way into the code.

I cut my teeth on Windows programming and object oriented C++ program design with this project. I learnt about the strengths of inheritance and object re-use, and stumbled about in the dark somewhat as I tried to grasp the nature of object oriented design. I'm now somewhat older and wiser, and grok a great deal more about programming in general and design patterns in particular. The knowledge and experience I have now would have made ProgramBar a much easier project to do then.

It's been a long time since I've had Windows 3.1 installed on my computer. No further development work is planned... and none has been done for a very long time. I'm including two download links from this page. The first is for the last public release made to the net, and the second is the last stable beta build. The latter was never released publicly, but is stable and very usable. The beta 2.4 also includes a new menu system that I wrote from scratch to replace the clunky Win3.1 system: it's much more responsive, and closer to the look and feel of the Win95 equivalent.

Please use these programs for your own benefit and as you see fit. Even though their banners state that they are shareware, I now consider them freeware. Enjoy!

For Windows 3.1 only:

ProgramBar 2.31 final public release, includes help file (379Kb)
ProgramBar 2.4, internal beta, no help file (195Kb)

A brief history of ProgramBar

ProgramBar was originally developed to see what was required in implementing a taskbar on Windows 3.1. Once I realised that there was a demand for such a utility the project snowballed and resulted in the release of the very basic v1.0 on 9-Oct-95. 

Graphics were quickly added, improving the visual appearance markedly - and the ability to use more than the system font in the menu and front panel. Attributes were still set through manual editing of the .INI file, so things were still rather primitive. 

The release of version 2.0 adding full configuration via a dialog box matured ProgramBar. All of the editable components of ProgramBar were accessible through a single "tabbed" dialog. For the first time any edge of the screen could be used to access the front panel. 

Alarms and a front panel clock were added in v2.1 and a live desktop in v2.20. The live desktop includes links to documents, the ability to arrange icons on any edge of the screen, and a desktop system menu. 

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