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Links to other sites

About these links

These links come from my bookmark file, and reflect some of the things that are available on the Internet that have taken my interest at some time or another. Obviously I have no control over the content of these sites, so surf through them at your leisure - and peril.

All of these links will open in a new blank window if your browser supports that feature. If you find a link that is out of date, have a suggestion for something to add, or want to set up a mutual link from your pages to mine and back, then please feel free to e-mail me.

  • Games
  • On or about the Internet
  • Television, movies, and other entertainment
  • Maintaining your PC
  • Shareware sites
  • Data management utilities
  • Commercial sites
  • Games

    General gaming

    Games Domain Excellent source of information on games. Reviews, latest patches, functional demos, and screen shots.
    Games Domain patches and demos index Direct link to the patches, demos, and desktop themes directories. Alphabetically sorted.
    Games Domain cheats index Direct link to the cheats index for PC games.
    GameSpyder Yahoo style directory of sites related to games. All entries have been judged and accepted for quality and content.

    Quake I/II/III

    id software The people who wrote the game. Also carries the latest patches.
    PlanetQuake The epicentre of all things Quake. New deathmatch levels, bots, total conversions etc. etc.
    Telefragged Another site dedicated to Quake.
    Bot epidemic Quake/Quake II bots. Challenging replacements for human players, for those who want to learn maps and play deathmatch without going online. Includes an archive of optimized route files required by some bots.

    Tomb Raider

    Stella's Tomb Raider archive Carries excellent and detailed walkthroughs for all the Tomb Raider games (including the Unfinished Business add-on).
    Eidos Interactive Contains patches and upgrades for the Tomb Raider family of games.


    Official Angband homepage Maintained by Ben Harrison, the current developer of Angband. The best place for information on the multi-platform game, inspired by Lord of the Rings, and derived from Moria.

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    On or about the Internet

    The current state of the Internet

    The Internet Traffic Report Summary of the burden on the Internet, response times, packet loss, trends, and recent history.

    Mail spamming, and keeping it to a minimum

    Stop junk e-mail Contains links to legislation being introduced in the US, as well as useful advice on how to deal with junk e-mail. Last update was July-1997.
    Mail Abuse Protection Scheme A non-profit organization lobbying ISP's to support anti-spam practices. Maintains a dynamic list of sites judged to be sources of net abuse.
    CAUCE Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email. Advocates and lobbies for a legislative solution to the spam problem.
    E-mail abuse FAQ Comprehensive guide to dealing with spam.
    Munging your e-mail address A method of preventing your e-mail address from being obtained by newsgroup scanning software. Also discusses why you *shouldn't* mung your address.
    Network Abuse Clearinghouse Assistance in locating who to complain to when you receive spam.
    Testing mailer vulnerability SMTP can allow mail forwarding, spammers may use this to try and mask their point of origin. This page helps you test if your server is vulnerable (usage logged for abuse).

    Security, notification, and abuse

    CIAC Internet hoaxes A collection of known abuses and hoaxes that have been perpetrated on the Net.

    The Web

    W3C consortium Responsible for maintaining and developing HTML standards, and all things web.

    RFC's and standards

    Information and resources Links to resources on Internet communications standards, including FAQs.
    Computer and comms standards A large meta list of sites that carry standards documents for communication protocols.

    Web page background tiles

    Albino Frog Software, Inc. Source of at least one of the background tiles used on these pages. Free for non-commercial use
    Texture Land A source of garish background tiles, at least one has been used on these pages. Free for non-commercial use.

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    Television, movies, and other entertainment


    Movie database Large database of movies, actors production staff etc. Detailed cross-references, and reviews/comments by contributors and visitors.
    Babylon 5 (official pages) Warner Bros. official site. Covers seasons 1-4: pictures, bios and production information. Sets a large number of cookies.
    Lurkers guide to Babylon 5 Covers all seasons, maintained by the fans, for the fans. Contains recent information, and includes transmission times by country for episodes.

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    Maintaining your PC

    General PC maintenance Database of software and hardware vendors, maintains links to their homepages and software update pages.
    The Win95 OSR2 FAQ Comprehensive FAQ on the quirks and advantages of Win95 OSR2.

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    Shareware software


    SimTel.Net Large archive, well catalogued. Searchable for DOS and Windows 3 onwards.
    HENSA academic archive Oriented towards supporting the UK academic community, open to all outside peak hours.

    Shareware authoring resources

    Resources for Shareware Summary of web sites devoted to helping the shareware software developer.
    Windows developers Huge resource of benefit to shareware and professional developers. 

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    Data management utilities

    File converters

    Format converters Source of software that will convert between many different types of data format.

    Binary file formats

    Wotsit's file format collection Valuable resource for programmers who need access to binary file formats.

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    Commercial sites


    Sonic Images Music by Christopher Franke. Includes Babylon 5 soundtracks!

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