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18:43 30-Jan-2000

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Welcome to the Eudoxus homepage

What's new

A new set of pages about Quake III have just been added. At the moment the content it's too dry for most people: it's aimed at those who want to develop mods from the Quake 3 Source using Borland compiler tools.

Also included is a description of the difficulties I experienced, in the hope that others porting to different compiler platforms will get some benefit.

The Theme Hospital Clinic pages have been updated with a walkthrough of one of the game levels. The walkthrough looks at how a hospital evolves over the first five years of the game, and should help show how some of the strategies work.

I've done some work on the look and feel of these of these pages. Some new content has already been added, and I am planning to continue adding new sections (as and when I get time!).

The biggest change has been the addition of the menu bar on the left hand side. Pretty much standard on most websites these days, I thought it about time I added my own. You can navigate around the site (all pages have them), and it will always contain links to other pages related to the page you are looking at. There will always be an entry point to all other groups of pages as well.

Browser and resolution issues

I have tried to make these pages as browser friendly as possible, they should work well on both Netscape and Internet Explorer. There are no frames to worry about, and no JavaScript/JScript at present either.

Although the pages can be viewed at 640x480, I would recommend at least 800x600. There are colour issues in some page backgrounds that prefer 32k colour depth or greater.

Tested on Netscape 4.06, Internet Explorer 4.0 SP1 and Opera 3.21.